First of all let us start by saying thank you for taking time to read through this section.

Who we are?

We are a technology company with only one aim to give users the best chance to find the right place they are looking for.

How its all started...

Ashutosh G

On one fine day I was trying to find a place in India to secure my dream ..moving back to home land from London.
So I started with the way all IT people will start, by looking for listings online and trying to come up with some short list to go through on my short, week long trip to India. To my surprise and frustration, none of the online contents helped me to achieve that.
Thats when I started to work on my own little project, to come up with something that was lacking online space.
The biggest issue I felt was all meaningless information which fed to me which could make money for website, but was completely useless for me.. :(, instead I want to just get what I was looking for and that's it, nothing less and nothing more.

Where we are with our goal?

We feel as a team have a long way to go but journey has to start somewhere, we will continue to push boundaries of technologies to achieve our goal. We won't stop until we are recognized as the most helpfull online property portal in India.

Our team and their passion

Our team is comprised of experts from all concerned areas of online presence, and most importantly they are passionate about one thing, good user experience. Everyone takes pride in their work and makes every effort to improve things for our users, whether you are a property seeker or an advertiser.

Our location?

We are located in heart of India, Nagpur, with our small development team stretched across world literally and contributing from there.